PVC Laundry Hamper + Towel Rack

I decided to make a laundry hamper for my bathroom last weekend. For some reason I didn't want to just buy a hamper, I guess I had specific ideas about durability, shape, and size that weren't available. I also wanted a place to put my towels, and I don't think any hampers have built-in towel racks, and no towel racks have a place to put a hamper. Home Depot is within sight of my front door, so I walked over and wandered the aisles with the familar blank expression of home-improvement pondering. I walked back with 40 feet of 1/2" PVC tubing, various connectors, zip ties, and plastic garden mesh. The result in the photo took about 1-1/2 hours. Aesthetics aside, it definitely works, doesn't take up much space, will never rot or warp like my original wood construction idea, is a little bigger than expected but will be able to hold all my laundry even on a day I wash blankets. PVC tubing is only like $1.89 per 10 foot piece, so it's a cheap construction material and pretty strong in lengths shorter than 3 feet.

Submitted by Garrett on Sat, 04/05/2008 - 09:29.

Like the idea, a couple of

Like the idea, a couple of quick suggestions for aesthetics- spray paint the tubes black and sew the sleeves over the tube.

I guess if you'd used copper pipe it would be a work of art but then perhaps too heavy to carry around.

Thanks for the idea - delayed me another 10 minutes from doing some of my household repair chores . ;-)

A couple of quick

A couple of quick suggestions for aesthetics! The guy has just researched the available manufactured products, purchased some raw material, made his own and the first thing you have to offer is cosmetic advice. Unbelievable. So what if it looks like something the A-Team knocked up during a quiet period. A triumph of functionality over form if you will - I think I speak for everyone here when I say, give the guy a break and crack on with your chores.

I second Anonymous! I think

I second Anonymous!

I think it looks great.

I'd been wondering for months why nobody seemed to make something sturdier than those horrid mesh things that tear from the handle as soon as you put anything in heavier than a few nylon undies!! Two or three towels straight from the washer and they'd had it!

Well done You!

Me too! The guy states in

Me too! The guy states in the product description "aesthetics aside"

"I guess I had specific ideas about durability, shape, and size that weren't available." Then you have something in common with every girl I've ever shown my old chap to.