New macetech distributors

Just in case this slipped past anyone, I'd like to introduce two new distributors of macetech products. Both have been great examples of self-starting electronics businesses in the post-bubble economy. Both owners are active in electronics development and applications, and sell their own designs in addition to products they believe are useful to their customers.

Pololu now carries ShiftBrites. You can find them in the LEDs category. Pololu provides a wide range of useful products, especially strong in the area of sensors and motor control for robots. I've used their products before in a couple of serious applications (one was converting an electric car's rack and pinion steering to servo drive, for a drive-by-wire application). I appreciate the quality and support of their products and welcome them as a distributor. Pololu is located in Las Vegas.

Spikenzie Labs now carries ShiftBrites, MegaBrites, and other related products. You can find them in the ShiftBrite category. Spikenzie Labs has a history of popping up with really creative projects, and some of them turn into new original products. They also have a knack for finding unique gadgets and making them available, like brightly colored breadboards and surface-mount adapters. Spikenzie Labs should be especially interesting to our Canadian customers; they're located in Montreal, so you can avoid the expense and delay of international shipping.

Thanks again to these two great business, and we're looking forward to our future business with them!

Submitted by Garrett on Mon, 07/13/2009 - 21:40.

Some plans for a distributor

Some plans for a distributor of ShiftBrites here in Europe?

Semicolons rock; it's nice

Semicolons rock; it's nice to see one used properly.