Maker Faire 2009

It's been a while since I made an update here, but things have been really busy. Had some supplier issues with a bunch of new products, lots of work to do on Maker Faire projects, random other daily crises. Oh...a day job too.

But the Maker Faire is only a few days away, and things are finally shaping up. The giant VU meters and front sign/desk are working, the coffee table is working, the giant MegaBrite wall requires only a few more steps to completion. Didn't help that we had none of the electronics until late last week, when we were supposed to have them no later than the 15th. But John at OurPCB really stepped up and fixed the assembly scheduling issue, getting us what we needed on time and worrying about the other stuff later.

Here's a photo of the stuff we've got running so far (not counting some smaller tabletop projects):

Valerie gave us a booth in a darker area of the main Expo Hall. This is great, our LEDs won't look as amazing as they would in the Dark Room (a building with no lights on), but the lights in this section are typically dimmed. The reason is a little's where they set up the pair of 20 foot Tesla coils, shooting 20 foot arcs of lightning between them every hour. Last year, I wasn't alone in having my electronics negatively affected by Tesla coils, and those were only a couple feet tall. It will definitely be...interesting.

Lots of great neighbors this year. We're a few steps away from SparkFun, we're back-to-back with MIT Media Lab, within sight of mightyohm's (Jeff Keyzer of the Make:SF group) wifi radio booth, basically in the middle of everything cool. Here's the map (note that south is at the top of the page):

This year, the Maker Faire is offering a Commercial Maker category. That means we can sell our products right there! Some new products might be available there first, if I don't get time to update the store.

It will be a LOT of fun, and anyone in the area should check it out. Over 100,000 attendees are expected this year.

At the very least you'll get a chance to eat funnel cake and maybe sip an espresso from a tinkerer's custom machine.

Submitted by Garrett on Wed, 05/27/2009 - 02:03.

I wonder how those Tesla

I wonder how those Tesla coils will affect the espresso. One sip may be all you need.

mmmmmmmm tesla coitis

mmmmmmmm tesla coitis