New Products: Cables, Power

I've added several new products to the macetech store. The 5.5 volt, 2 amp power supply will come in handy for projects using 32 or fewer ShiftBrite modules. The 6 conductor cables make it easy to chain multiple ShiftBrites. If you've ever tried to make a lot of cables, you'll understand why many of our customer have demanded some kind of cable solution.

Anyway, these new products will make it easier to get your ShiftBrite project going...or should I say glowing?

No, I shouldn't.


Submitted by Garrett on Fri, 10/03/2008 - 21:42.

Thanks for the products!

Thanks for the products! I'm curious whether the 60-mil V+ power trace on the ShiftBrite PCB can safely handle 2 amps...

Yes, 2 amps will be fine.

Yes, 2 amps will be fine. The trace should be good up to 4 amps, maybe 5 if it's not always 100% on all channels. But definitely 2 amps. However I sometimes wonder why I didn't use all the space I had for that trace.