ShiftBrites Sold Out

(Update May 19th, 2008): Re-stock arrangements are complete, we may be ready to ship as early as June 10th and no later than June 20th, assuming no problems. When the FedEx tracking indicates the shipment is within a day or two of arrival, the store will be enabled for purchases to be shipped as soon as stock is in hand. I have a big list of email addreses from people who wanted to be notified; you'll all be the first to know! Use the contact link above if you want to get the update. I think I'll send out an email when the ShiftBrites are on the way, and another right before I enable the web store again.

All ShiftBrites have now been sold. I'm working with my suppliers to get a lot more manufactured, but leadtime will be 20 to 30 days. I underestimated how fast these would go, I had planned to start thinking about stock replenishment around the 15th of May at the earliest. Not bad for zero advertising, just people who were keeping an eye on the project and a recent mention on Hack A Day. I'm shipping out the last orders and will focus on getting more of these in stock ASAP. When I do receive additional stock, I should have my site and shipping arrangements all in place for international orders; apologies to those of you who contacted me regarding shipping to the UK, Europe, and Australia.

Submitted by Garrett on Sat, 05/10/2008 - 20:06.

Guess I got the last ones,

Guess I got the last ones, hehe. I look forward to checking them out. :D btw, I got here from a google search for 'LED RGB' that took me to the Hack-a-Day page. Conveniently your ShiftBrites look like they'll answer some questions I hadn't bothered to ask yet, about an idea I have. :P (Yay internet!)

nice job on your project.

nice job on your project.

Received my order today.

Received my order today. Love it. I'm just getting into working with microcontrollers (I really haven't even dabbled in electronics for almost ten years now) and I look forward to getting these to do cool things :)

Warning: Serious blinding-your-ass hazard. Dx (Safety tip: Try not to find yourself staring into the lens of the LED wondering why it hasn't started up yet.)

Got my order last night -

Got my order last night - they work great. BTW: Consider your untested Arduino code tested. Pasted it in, loaded it onto the Arduino and it worked right off the bat.

I got mine on Friday and

I got mine on Friday and after messing around with them for a bit I wrote some Arduino mood light code for them today. These really are great little modules! You can check out my code over on the Arduino forums if you're interested.

I just got mine. I like

I just got mine. I like them. It would be nice if the red, green, and blue LEDs, which are all in the same package, were closer together in the next version of the shiftbrite. As it is now, if you shine the LED at the wall, it does not produce an area of uniform color, but instead a reddish area, a blueish area, and a greenish area. That is not , by any means, a fault of Garrett's, but maybe could be something considered when picking out an LED for future versions.

Thanks! :)

how do you do you hook up

how do you do you hook up the attiny45 to program it?

There's no ATTiny45 in this

There's no ATTiny45 in this product...however, you can use an ATTiny45 to control a string of ShiftBrites by setting up the Data, Clock, and Latch pins in the same way you'd output to a string of 74HC595 shift registers (there should be plenty of wiring and code examples on the internet). I'll put some AVR example code up later; the Arduino code on the product page gets you pretty close.

Finally after a week in

Finally after a week in customs, my order came in today !!
I hooked up 6 of the 16 ShiftBrites I ordered for a quick test, and it works perfectly! Only problem one of the cables had the yellow and green cables crossed, but with the help of a needle to pull them out it was a quick fix.
Now I hope for a distributor soon here in Europe so customs problems (and payments) will be something of the past, as I intend to place bigger orders in the coming month.