ShiftBrites Available

Well, I finally finished setting up a web store to try selling some of the ShiftBrite modules I had manufactured. If these start to go fast, I'll put in a larger order. The product page is available here, and everything should work though it's my first attempt at "e-commerce" I believe is the fashionable term (maybe in 1998). Let me know if anything looks strange.

Submitted by Garrett on Tue, 05/06/2008 - 20:49.

No delivery to Germany? Awww

No delivery to Germany? Awww - I would have bought 10. :(

Apologies to international

Apologies to international customers...I have a relatively small quantity on hand right now and mainly want to gauge demand and make sure my store and product are up to my standards before I go worldwide :)

It looks like I will need to get some more manufactured sooner than I thought. The first ShiftBrites are also not RoHS, and I'm not sure I'll do that for the second shipment, but will definitely consider that in the future.

Bummer, I was just about to

Bummer, I was just about to order 10 as well but I'm in Australia. If you want a distributor in Asia-Pac please drop me a line, I'm happy to handle it.



I second that. I can't wait

I second that. I can't wait to try some.

(Sydney, Australia).