Maker Faire Project Update: Shifty VU

This is the pre-alpha version of one of the VU columns that will be used as an example of ShiftBrite applications at Maker Faire this May. I've only got two LEDs in this one, the brightness corresponding to the current power of the left or right channel. If the power rises above a threshold, some of the green channel is mixed into both LEDs. The audio data is currently fed over a USB-RS232 converter from a custom Winamp plugin I wrote. The actual finished device will be a freestanding tube for the left and right channels, and 10 LEDs in each tube instead of two. There will be several color presets, like "warm neon", "fire", "spectrum", etc. The tube is a fluorescent protector tube from Home Depot lined with galvanized steel mesh from the same store.

Below: a newer version with laser-cut acrylic holder for 10 ShiftBrites, only five are installed right now. 

Shifty VU Phase 2

Submitted by Garrett on Wed, 04/09/2008 - 22:46.

Are you going to make this

Are you going to make this plugin open to us all?