Deep discounts on ShiftBrites and MegaBrites!

We've put ShiftBrites, Headerless ShiftBrites, and MegaBrite 90's on sale:

ShiftBrite 2.0

The ShiftBrite 2.0 is a redesign of the very first macetech product. It's a bright RGB LED module that uses a simple shift register control method to output 30-bit color. Most RGB LED solutions can only do 255 brightness levels per color; the ShiftBrite can do 1023. It has a sturdy mounting hole pattern, and 6-pin connectors that match our cables for trouble-free mounting, hookup, and maintenance.

Headerless ShiftBrite 2.0

The Headerless ShiftBrite 2.0 is the same as the regular ShiftBrite, except that the headers have been left off for more flexible hookup options. You can solder your own headers (straight or angled), another 0.1" spaced connector, or just use wires. This is a good option for tighter spaces.

MegaBrite 90

The MegaBrite 90 is controlled just like the ShiftBrite 2.0, but has ultra-bright 5-chip LEDs instead of a single RGB LED. Each of the three LED packages has either red, green, or blue LED chips inside. It has the same output as five ShiftBrites, in a compact package. Approximately 1.5 watts LED power!

Definitely check out the quantity discounts, they're an even better deal than the single-unit pricing. As always, let us know if you have any questions!

Submitted by Garrett on Tue, 07/22/2014 - 10:15.

Currious to know how many

Currious to know how many lumens are possible with the megabright?

It's hard to say without

It's hard to say without access to expensive test equipment. I think the easiest way to gauge power is the information that these are fairly efficient high-brightness LEDs that require 1.5 watts total to operate. I would say the 80-120 lumens range is a fair ballpark estimate.