OK GO and Blue Man Group

We've been busy developing new products and dealing with a few supply problems, so it's been a while since the last project roundup post. There have been almost too many to list, though we will get to them eventually. For now, here are two high-profile lighting projects that have involved our technology.

OK GO Sparkle Suits

The always popular band OK GO recently released another video that is becoming an internet sensation; about 125,000 view on YouTube since it was posted five days ago. The band led a street parade through Los Angeles, using a GPS app to spell OK GO using their route. The parade started in daylight and continued into the night, and members of the parade were encouraged to decorate their clothing and instruments with anything that would light up.

For the OK GO band members, special LED suits were developed. Our customer Pehr Hovey, who has done previous work with Syyn Labs, was contracted by OK GO to design and build the suits. He decided to use an OctoBrite CYANEA as a compact source of eight RGB LEDs shining into fiber optic bundles. The fiber optic cables were distributed over the surface of the suits, and glass beads attached to diffuse the light at the end of each fiber. As is obvious in the video below, the suits were a great success, achieving a twinkling multicolor starfield effect without too many bulky components.

Blue Man Group Germany with Zygotes

We've been working with Alex at Tangible Interaction for a while on various projects, including Twilight and the Winter Olympics.

One custom macetech designed and manufactured product is the electronic portion of his Zygote concept, also used in the Winter Olympics closing ceremony. The Zygote consists of a giant inflatable translucent ball with the LED cube suspended within.

Recently, Blue Man Group has been using Zygotes in some of their shows. The video below is a German BMG show including several Zygotes in the finale. Each Zygote is radio controlled from the production booth, synchronized to the performer's choreography. It's a stunning effect, and if you get a chance to see a Blue Man Group show in 2011 you might be able to see Zygotes in action too!

Submitted by Garrett on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 01:34.