Customer Projects Roundup!

It's been a while since I did this! Our awesome customers keep posting videos and sending us links to their projects using macetech products. If you made something cool with ShiftBrites or other macetech products, by all means let us know! We'll be tweeting links to new projects we discover, and occasionally make a roundup post like this. Later on we'll make a gallery page for easy navigation to all the cool project examples out there.

Centipede + Ethernet

First up, our customer Hartmut in Germany put together an Arduino, Ethernet Shield, and Centipede Shield. He developed a straightforward web interface that's served up by the Ethernet Shield, and allows monitoring 32 digital inputs and controlling 32 digital outputs over the web! Right now it's just a proof-of-concept, but can be easily repurposed for home automation, remote machinery monitoring and control, or any number of web-driven applications that need to talk to the real world. Hartmut's provided lots of details and source code; most of the article is in German but survives pretty well through Google Translate.

ShiftBrite Dance Floor

Youtube user and Pololu customer "Gregsy" is building a dance floor with ShiftBrites and Pololu's Micro Maestro controller. Right now it's a prototype, but it already looks awesome and we can't wait to see the finished result! "Gregsy" purchased his ShiftBrites through Pololu, who carry several macetech products...definitely consider Pololu as a purchasing option, especially if you need some robot goodies too or if our store runs out of stock.

MegaBrite Ceiling

A special-order customer in Japan is creating a truly fearsome MegaBrite installation. He's installing over 3,000 MegaBrites in the ceiling of a club, and controlling all the pixels with myriad Arduino controllers receiving DMX commands from Madrix pixel control software. The video below is just 81 MegaBrites in a prototype panel...imagine close to FORTY of those panels on a ceiling, as a smoothly animated whole. It's going to be amazing! He's in the middle of finishing it up right now, and has documented some of the process (including a great mounting idea) over at the Arduino forums.

Color-changing Nun

YouTube user "theliftedloraxshow" discovered a little plastic nun embedded in his yard. Who knows how it got there...the important part is he washed it off and installed it on a ShiftBrite controlled with a Picaxe 28x2. The resulting video gives "Double Rainbow" a run ((or nun) bad pun) for its money! Well...almost. It is pretty non sequitur though. Enjoy...?

Submitted by Garrett on Tue, 10/26/2010 - 00:02.

Don't you mean "nun

Don't you mean "nun sequitur?"

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Upgrade available.